Experts Discuss Impact Election could have on London Property Market - London Daily News

Scott Joseph, Director at Prime London estate agency Anderson Rose:

“News of a General Election this summer is excellent news and hugely welcomed. If is far better for this to be concluded by the summer, so we can go into the end of the year with real clarity and momentum, rather than dragging it out until Autumn or Winter and suffering another year of uncertainty. The six-week timeframe until the ballots open means there won’t be much of an impact on sentiment or activity, instead, we could see those who have been on the fence start to gear up for action come September.

“Labour are currently ahead in the polls and a Keir Starmer government may actually have a positive impact on the economy, as I imagine there will be a lot of immediate policies put in place to kickstart business and show that they can be a party for business. The worst outcome would be a hung parliament, which would just put us in an even more precarious position whilst the various parties manoeuvre and posture to create a coalition. Whilst the next six weeks will likely be more focused on completing the deals already in place I predict we will start to see more people begin the groundwork of looking to sell their home or begin stepping up their search in the hope for sunnier uplands from the 5th July.”

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