Video Marketing Sells Property Faster!

Video Marketing Sells Property Faster!

It was exactly eight years ago that Anderson Rose was born. We opened our doors at 31 Shad Thames promising to uphold traditional values of treating our customers as we would wish to be treated ourselves and to be a joy to do business with. These promises have been in a frame on the wall of our office and I am proud to see them reflected in the consistent 5 star reviews that our customers have been so kind to write on Google. There are hardly any businesses who have never dropped a point and I will work hard to keep that going for as long as possible if not forever!

When I launched Anderson Rose I was in no doubt that the next decade would be tough, not only because starting and growing any business is challenging but I predicted that the property market was going to be turbulent. I was prepared for it because I knew that I had a great team who had already achieved great success at Hamptons. What I did not account for is how much traditional estate agency would be forced to modernise over the next decade.

But although change can be scary we realised that because we were a new business we could change quicker than others, especially the big companies, and that was really exciting. We considered the arrival of so-called “on line” agencies a sign that other entrepreneurs thought the same as us but we didn’t think that they had come up with the solution…and still don’t. Our objective has been to move from merely listing a property on line to selling a property on line. I looked at how estate agency was done in lots of other companies and unsurprisingly found inspiration from the American Realtors. They had become TV presenters as well as great agents and were broadcasting to the thousands of potential buyers on the internet who might have over-looked the appeal of a particular property if it had not been enthusiastically sold to them when they clicked on the video.

So that’s what we decided to do here and it is now our biggest USP. When you choose Anderson Rose to sell or rent your property we will produce a short video that shows the buyers or tenants out there why they should come and see your home. It will sell not just the living space but also the lifestyle that comes with it. The video is then uploaded to rightmove, zoopla etc as well as our YouTube channel which has a fast-growing number of subscribers.

Is it working? Oh yes! Our listings are viewed more than every other agent’s, most videos are watched more than 50 times per week and one of our videos has been watched by 13,000 people! That flat has sold by the way! We are succeeding this year when so many are struggling and I am very glad that our innovation is paying off. Are we the most successful agent in your area? Usually…but I have no doubt that we are now the best. No other agent does more to get a property sold or rented then we do.

Jon Byers – Founder

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