The Selling Sunset-style UK estate agents that earn £800,000 commissions - The Telegraph

"Just like Bates, a young Jon Byers went into property because he wanted to earn decent money.

Before becoming an estate agent he had been a restaurant manager, and in 1999 he took a job with Hamptons, in the hope that he could earn enough cash to realise the dream of opening his own place.

But Byers, now 43, quickly realised that estate agency and restaurant management had much in common – “both require the ability to provide a service and an experience to customers” – and he decided on a new life plan.

In 2011 he founded his own firm, Anderson Rose.

Byers believes that property buyers, whether they be first timers or ultra wealthy, all want the same thing. “They are all looking for a place to live that thrills them when they walk in through the front door,” he said. “The bigger the budget, the more thrills.”

Over the years Byers has shown some very high-profile clients around properties, including actors Olivia Colman (“lovely and genuine”) and the late Alan Rickman (“charming and polite even though this was at a time when he was aware he did not have long to live”).

He also sold Michael Crawford’s apartment in St John’s Wharf, Wapping, for him. “Michael was very warm and engaging, funny and actually quite shy,” said Byers. “He treated me like an equal.”

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