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If the lettings market is to be dominated by the mega-businesses, what does this mean for us hard working independents and our customers? - English Living

"On the 24th of January, Adam Walker wrote a very interesting piece about the consolidation of the lettings industry where he forecast “that within the next five to ten years the lettings market will be dominated by a small number of mega-businesses with independent agents becoming increasingly rare."

"If Adam turns out to be right, and I think that he might be, it begs the question of why big companies are opting to spend large sums on acquisition rather than relying on their lettings teams to win new business. Is it just easier and quicker for a big corporate agency to let the independent do the graft and build a strong reputation – often in strong local pockets - then reward them for their years of endeavor or is there a quiet acceptance that landlord clients are inclined to instruct a smaller independent that they can trust and know they will often be served by an experienced team or is it a case of if you cannot beat them…buy them!"

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