A Match Made on Youtube

A Match Made on Youtube

Leading the way with virtual home tours well before Covid

Anderson Rose has been at the forefront of filmed property viewings since 2017, keeping in touch with an increasingly media age

It's no secret that Anderson Rose has a growing and prevalent online presence on YouTube's platform, using it as a gateway to connect with buyers and tenants alike. Through the increasing number of online only agents where one can browse anonymously through property after property for hours on end, the excitement of buying or letting a new home becomes an ever increasing chore. By videoing our listings and fronting our own tours brings an added niche that very few other estate agents have quite got right or are brave enough to try.

Taking inspiration from American realtors who seem to have coined themselves as celebrities in their field, they are instantly able to reach thousanads more applicants and potential buyers. Merely showing photos of a property on a website is seeming more and more antiquated and in an age where people's increasinly short attention span becomes the enemy, a simple click to a video is far more appealing. Our portal data shows just how effective these videos can be, and we've seen a surge of interest on the back of that alone. When the pandemic kicked off in London and the country was put into national lockdown we witnessed a major spike of interest in our listings...when you're staring at the same four walls for months on end your curiousity might just peak mighten it? This, coupled with the team presenting unique and exciting properties in the middle of Shad Thames and Tower bridge via Youtube put Anderson Rose right at the top of successful agents during a pandemic where no one was allowed out - we bring the properties to you.

A prime example of how powerful the internet can be in connecting people, places and things, a couple reached out to Anderson Rose who were desperately trying to sell their flat on the otherside of Tower Bridge. Having found themselves browsing on YouTube they came across one of our videos and spotting the traction gained and an exceptionally wide profile of views - 31,000 hits on one video alone - realised the reason they hadn't had success with other agents, a mediocre floorplan and a few photos weren't going to sell in this day an age. Our videos are about selling you a lifestyle, selling you your dream property through the enthusiasm, knowledge and experience of all our agents.

The value of these videos has gone from strenght to strength. A client of ours - who was in South Africa at the time - found us listed with two other agents on an apartment he loved on Rightmove and having looked at all three we were the only agency with a full video tour of the flat. On the back of this alone and one Facetime call walking around the property, he bought it for £3.65 million...and he never saw it in the flesh. The power our videos have, the trust and respect we have with all of our clients and tenants put us right in the forefront of being the top agent in our area.

We believe that through our innovation, we have quickly become the best in our area reach; through the determination and dedication of our team there is no one else who will do more to help you find your dream home or help you get your properety sold than we do.

To check out our videos please visit our YouTube channel...and don't forget to subscribe so you never miss one of our listings, you never know, it could be the dream!

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