Hampstead is a highly desirable residential community long favoured by the academics, artisit and media figures. Hampstead Heath has meadows, woodlands and public swimming ponds, plus city views from Parliament Hill, Open to the public, Kenwood House is a neoclassical villa with a collection of Old Master art that sits at the top of Kenwood park which hosts several summer concerts. The high street is filled with Boutique retail, gastropubs, and upmarket restaurants that occupy the Georgian buildings and alleyways of quaint Hampstead Village.

The Garden suburbs of Hampstead are located just north of the Heath extension. A quiet and popular residential destination for families which consist of an array of large detatched and semi-detatched houses as well as large mansions and luxury blocks most notably located on The Bishops Avenue & Winnington Road, arguably two of the most expensive streets to live on in London.

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